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A collection of yesterday’s tales to spark tomorrow’s imagination.


A variety of stories for a variety of users.

Storytellers & Creatives

• Thousands of traditional myths, folklore, fairy tales, and legends from cultures around the world
• Includes a wide variety of motifs and genres to choose from
• All tales are public domain content (open for use and adaptation for commercial purposes)

Teachers & Educators

• Guide students through the rich history of world cultures through their storytelling traditions
• Current collections include tales from over 20 countries and indigenous groups
• Use and adapt the full text of any tale in the database for online learning or classroom use (all tales are copyright free)

Folklorists & Researchers

• With a Researcher or Institution subscription, gain access to Stith Thompson Motif Index numbers and descriptions for over 1,000 of the collection’s tales
• Tales can be searched using either full-text keywords or motif number
• Searching and research assistance is available for all database users over email

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About Us

In 1999, librarian May Brottman led the development of Tales Online with the hope of creating a platform that would give wider access to the world's storytelling heritage. Today, the database is the product of three generations of passion for this original mission.

Tales Online is a database of folktales, fairy tales, myths of indigenous peoples, legends, sagas, and fables of world cultures drawn from a variety of collections. These sources include folkloric journal articles, archival material, and printed volumes. Nearly all of the full-text tales in the database are available for research, performance, adaptation, and other educational and creative purposes through the public domain. Learn more about us and what we offer here.

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