Over 250 Full-Text Collections from Around the World

The Tales Online database consists of over 250 full-text collections containing more than 16,000 folktales, fairy tales, myths of indigenous peoples, legends, sagas, and fables. These collections are reproduced from the original printed volumes in either webpage or PDF format, including the original publication information, author's notes, illustrations, and appendices where applicable.

Searchable and Adaptable

Dynamic tables of contents and full-text searching within each volume make them easy to use and navigate, and they can be viewed from any device with an internet connection. Because all of the texts and tales are from volumes in the public domain, they are free from copyright and can be freely used for educational and commercial purposes ranging from folklore research to storytelling to creative adaptation in books, films, and music.


1,000 Additional Tales with Folkloric Analysis

In addition to the digital library of full-text collections, 1,000 tales from both well-known sources such as the Brothers Grimm and the Andrew Lang Fairy Books and lesser-known indigenous folklore collections are individually indexed within the database and can be searched as one large collection. Our Researcher and Institution Plans include access to an additional searching method that makes use of the Stith Thompson Motif Index, as well as in-depth folkloric analysis by a professional or advanced student folklorist. Learn more about the tale analyses and how we use the Stith Thompson Motif Index here.

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